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Pallet Rack Repair

Cost-Effective Solutions for Common Warehouse Roadblocks

There’s nothing worse than making significant investments to your warehouse – only to discover that an employee damaged a pallet rack, or that a piece of heavy equipment needs to be moved. These common warehouse roadblocks can often take up a considerable amount of time, energy and money if tackled in-house.

Here at IndPro, our repair and relocation specialists will help you identify and select cost-effective solutions for moving heavy equipment and repairing pallet racks. Our fully-insured, certified team has a wealth of experience in the materials handling industry, and in the 30 years we have been in business, we have encountered just about every challenge you can imagine.

Pallet Rack Repair

It is extremely important to keep pallet racks in exceptional working condition, as impact damage from warehouse vehicles can leave a rack vulnerable to collapse. To reduce downtime and potential replacement costs, IndPro’s certified and trained specialists can repair damaged pallet racks – from small repairs to major fixes.

Equipment Relocation

Moving heavy warehouse equipment can be a complicated endeavor – between locating pieces you’ve unassembled and handling components damaged during the process. Whether you’re moving to a new warehouse clear across the country, or simply need to readjust your layout, IndPro’s fully-insured, expert team can help you efficiently and safely move equipment. We can help with every step, from tear down to transport, relocation to reconfiguration.

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