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Shelving and Mobile Aisle Solutions

Heavy-Duty Storage Solutions You Can Trust

When it comes down to it, your storage system is the heart of your warehousing operation. It’s crucial you use the most trusted, reliable, safe storage solution you can find!  The team of materials handling experts at IndPro help you choose and design the right system to meet your needs and fit your space.

Long Span Boltless Bulk Shelving

Boltless shelving is one of today’s most prominent shelving solutions. “Boltless shelving” is precisely as the term suggests: there are no bolts, clips, or other specialized equipment necessary for assembly. The result is smoother, less cumbersome construction in a fraction of the time.  Stored materials can be accessed from all four sides of the shelving unit as our boltless systems don’t require sway bracing.

Steel Compression Clip Shelving

Steel compression clip shelving provides the basic all-purpose storage system. Compression clip shelves are bolt-free thus much easier to assemble than standard bolt together shelving. Our systems are available in open shelving systems and closed shelving systems. Open shelving is ideal for bulky or packaged items. Closed shelving includes metal sides and backs added to the basic unit and can be customized to your own specifications.

Catwalk Systems

Our steel shelving systems can be engineered to create an economical multi-floor storage system or storage catwalk. Instead of building a mezzanine support structure to hold a second or third level of shelves, catwalk structures are supported by high bay shelving created from either long span boltless or compression clip shelving. 

With standard components starting at only 12”, catwalk systems are configurable to fit most areas and rooms to maximize space.

Mobile Aisle Shelving

Mobile aisle shelving systems are a remarkably economical way to save space, increase capacity, improve productivity and increase asset security.  With a push of a button or even a turn of a handle, an aisle can be created when and where needed when using mobile aisle shelving systems.  Our system provides ample  storage space within a compact footprint, utilizing a moving aisle shelving configuration. Warehouse shelving systems are available in electric, mechanical assist or manual models that help reduce and reclaim space by eliminating all except the aisle that is in use.  This will help save space, improve productivity, increase capacity and also increase asset security.

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There are many options available to meet your specific requirements, and the experts at IndPro will help you to navigate this decision-making process, taking the complexities of your particular operation into account. Dramatically reduce inefficiencies and get out ahead of your competition – we’ll show you how.

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