Automated packaging means the right size box for each order. And having the right size box means less void fill, which in turn results in reduced labor, material, and shipping costs. What’s more, your customers will appreciate having less waste on their end.

automated package box packing machine

Packaging Done Right

Increased Sustainability

Less void fill means fewer air pillows or packing peanuts – up to 50% less – that ultimately end up in a landfill. What’s more, right-sized boxes mean less cardboard. You’ll be reducing waste and increasing sustainability. 

Reduced Costs

Using less cardboard and void fill translates in reduced shipping costs. And right-sized boxes can lead to decreased damages during shipping. In addition, automated packaging can also mean reduced labor costs as well. 

Satisfied Customers

No one likes to deal with excessive packaging, which leads to more cardboard and void fill to dispose. Your customers will appreciate a right-sized box free of excess void fill as well as your commitment to sustainability. 

production line automated carton packing and sealing machine

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production line automated carton packing and sealing machine