Warehouse control systems (WCS) collect real-time data from automated equipment, while warehouse management systems (WMS) optimize material handling and other warehouse processes, including e-commerce, shipping, receiving, and labor. Both are used to increase efficiency and, ultimately, revenue.

smart warehouse management system

Data-Driven Operations

Warehouse Control Systems

Warehouse control systems (WCS) provide real-time data to both monitor and manage automated warehouse equipment such as pick modules, sorters, conveyors, palletizers, and even AS/RS and AGV equipment. What’s more, WCS integrates with existing or new WMS/ERP systems.

Warehouse Management Systems

Warehouse management systems (WMS) direct the broader processes within a warehouse or distribution center – or even multiple sites. While WCS looks at individual items, WMS tracks ordering, fulfillment, inventory location, labor optimization, and the like. 

Getting the Most out of Supply Chain Software

Improve your inventory management and order fulfillment by implementing software that helps you see the big picture of your entire operation – as well as the tiniest details – in order to optimize your processes and increase efficiency.

WCS / WMS Products

Better Inventory Management & Optimized Order Fulfillment
smart warehouse management system using augmented reality technology to identify package picking and delivery
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smart warehouse management system