Heavy duty welded and woven wire partitions are economical and effective deterrents to theft.  Additionally wire partitions are the perfect divider between segmented areas in your facility.

Wire partition panels and cages are a great way to address safety, security and separation concerns you may have in your workplace. Products such as tool cribs and storage cages, driver cages, server cages, DEA cages, machine guarding, evidence enclosures and rack back panels are just a few of the ways wire partition products can be used to make your workplace safer and more secure.

secured access wire partitions

Modern Wire Partitions Provide:


Safety is always a major concern in any workplace. Machine guarding and rack back panels are just a couple of products that can help keep your works safe from moving machine parts and falling objects.


Tool cribs, storage cages, driver cages, server cages and DEA cages allow you to lock-up and secure valuable products like tools, office and janitorial supplies, office records, office and computer equipment or anything else that has a way of disappearing.


Wire partition panels are often the perfect solution to separate one area from another without having to put up a permanent solid structure. Wire partition panels allow for airflow and visual separation while still providing secure separation.

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secured access wire partitions