Pick by vision and pick to light systems employ visual cues to more quickly and efficiently pick, put, sort or kit, with fewer errors. The result is a paperless, hands-free, and cost-effective way to enhance high-volume fulfillment operations.

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Pick and Put More Efficiently

Increase Volume

Pick to light, put to light and pick by vision systems automate time-consuming repetitive tasks such as picking, putting, sorting, and kitting – and can integrate into an existing ERP or WMS to make your high-volume operation more efficient.

Enhance Accuracy

These intuitive, simple to learn systems can increase accuracy to near-perfect by using directed light or augmented reality to indicate the steps to pack an order. What’s more, A visual cue also is used to signal when an order is complete.

Pick Hands-Free

Paperless, hands-free barcode scanning means eliminating unnecessary movements and speeding up the entire process in order to optimize order fulfillment – without sacrificing cost-effectiveness.

Pick-to-Light Automated System for Food Distribution Center

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Pick-to-Light System Product Flow