We are a highly skilled team of procurement service experts.

We are not a sales organization – we are in the business of helping people and their businesses.

What does that mean?  It means that we aren’t selling you the brand on our building, the flavor of the week or whatever our vendors are pushing.  Through our Proven Process, we work “on the same side of the table” with our customers to guide them to the best possible automation and robotics solution for their operations.

AMR modern automation increases productivity in distribution centers and e-commerce facilities.

Why We Exist

Bottom Line –

IndPro exists because we are dedicated to improving efficiency in your warehouse and distribution center operations.

Our team has been involved in the supply chain industry since the early 90’s; working as consultants, engineers, laborers, operations and leadership. We have a range and depth of knowledge that surpasses other firms in our space.

We don’t hand out cookie cutter “solutions”.

We stand side by side with our clients while we plan and implement best-in-class solutions designed to their specific application. The closer the solution fits the specific parameters of the operation, the more impactful the improvement is to our client’s company.

To us, success is a quick, positive ROI, a double-digit throughput increase, fitting ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound sack… We accept that challenge every day, and deliver results.

What really sets us apart from others is our desire to help. 

Due to our extreme dedication to quality, value and customer service, we have developed a well-established history of integrity and client trust. We have become the “go to” support for many corporate and federal entities.

No matter what the challenge, our team is hands-on, working closely with both our clients and our supplier partners to deliver 100% satisfaction on every project every time.

You can depend on IndPro to deliver the best results at the best value.

• Over Two Decades of Supply Chain Experience
• History of Integrity and Client Trust
• Custom Engineered Solutions
• Global Systems Implementation
• Hands On Consultative Team Approach

Industrial Procurement Services - Automation & Robotics Experts for Supply Chain Improvement

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