In order to ensure you can fulfill every order, keep your inventory in active storage. Active storage is easily accessible and used directly to replenish a picking or fulfillment operation with items, parts, or SKUs.

Automated warehouse carriage

Keep Inventory Accessible


Does it seem like you’re always running low on your fastest-moving SKUs? Maximize your storage space by implementing an efficient flow system so you’ll have quick access to materials, cartons, and pallets.

Readily Available

Active storage space is your fulfillment inventory of all items used to fulfill orders. Keep a portion of your inventory in active storage for efficient order fulfillment. Active storage can be stored using rack or shelving, carousels, or other vertical or horizontal storage.


No matter what you need to fulfill orders, you need quick, easy, and efficient access to those materials. And if your fulfillment trends change – seasonally or permanently – you need a system that can be flexible enough to fit your needs.

How We Can Help

Active Storage Solutions

We can help you find the right active storage equipment for your business, taking into consideration your particular needs. Whether you need racking, shelving, carousels, lift modules, or automated storage and retrieval, you’ll see increased efficiency and an excellent return on investment.

Automated warehouse carriage

Let us help you with active storage.

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