To take your facility to the next level, you need the storage capacity, conveyor systems and sorting technology to handle vast quantities of product. But what if you outgrow your employees’ ability to keep up with order fulfillment? Make sure your facility is growing in a smart way by taking advantage of the efficiencies of pick modules.

Engineered pick module system designed to move SKUs throughout a fulfillment operation

Optimize your order fulfillment process

You can think of pick modules as “smart” shelving units

They’re engineered racking systems designed specifically for your needs to move your product through the various stages of the shipping process. Increasing your performance in this area will be a game-changer for you.

Pick modules combine various storage and automation systems

Quickly and accurately take your product from one stage to the next, ensuring it’s selected and packaged correctly before distribution. Multi-level systems utilize several vertical platforms, making the best use of your space.

Pick modules create a dense space

All of this activity takes place, reducing lengthy employee walking times. Saving even a few moments for each pick adds up exponentially in the big picture.

Multi-Tiered Mezzanine Order Fulfillment System

Let us help you find the right pick module.

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