Gain speed, and accuracy with directed picking. User-friendly directed-picking systems use audio and/or visual indicators to guide employees to the exact picking spot in any warehouse or distribution center, allowing employees to work smarter and much more efficiently.

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Quickly Find Exact Pick Locations

Intuitive Software

Utilizing algorithms to optimize pick routes, directed-picking software eliminates route planning and wasted search time, and speeds up picking, increases pick rates, and enhances overall productivity – all without sacrificing accuracy.

Visual Aids

Directed-picking equipment includes visual aids such as pick-to-light systems and display monitors that show the picker exactly what to pick. Audio systems, such as hands-free voice-directed picking headsets, guide workers each step of the way.

Speed + Accuracy

Because directed-picking systems can employ machine learning, real-time tracking, and clear audio or visual aids for picking, employees are able to increase their speed, accuracy, and total productivity. This means substantial increases in picks over a typical shift.

How We Can Help

Directed Picking Solutions

We can help you find the right directed-picking solution for your business, taking into consideration your particular needs. Whether you need direct-picking software, equipment, or both, you’ll see a dramatic increase in pick rates and an excellent return on investment.

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Let us help you with directed picking.

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