At the core of any optimized warehouse is an automated sortation system. These efficient, cost-effective systems create higher throughput capacity, facilitate item tracking, and reduce labor costs. A combination of software, hardware and robotics, automated sortation systems can be custom-designed for virtually any operation.


Pick-to-Ship Accuracy & Efficiency

Advanced Equipment

Conveyors, high-speed sorters, and cameras and scanners quickly and accurately sort items based on SKU, order, destination, and more to ensure the highest throughput efficiency so orders are delivered fast – without mistakes.

Picking + Putting

Automated sortation equipment can assist with batching, picking, and sorting to reduce operator errors and make the entire process more efficient for either a goods-to-person or person-to-goods setup.

Robotic Sortation

System software and robotic sortation systems combine to ensure processes are automated in a manner that optimizes efficiencies, increases throughput and accuracy, and reduces labor costs so that you can fulfill orders quickly.

How We Can Help

Automated Product Sortation Solutions

We can help you source the right automated product sortation system solution for your business. Whether you are looking for conveyors and sorters – or software and robotics – we will help you find increased efficiency and an excellent return on investment.

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conveyor belt sorting system

Let us help you with automated product sortation.

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