The final in-house step in the fulfillment process is packing and shipping. The packout process is crucial, as it’s your final opportunity to perform quality assurance and control checks to ensure not only the right contents, but the right labels and inserts as well.

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The Last Touch Before Leaving

Make Quality Checks Count

As packages or pallets are assembled for departure from your facility, it’s your final opportunity to execute quality assurance and quality control measures. Ensure everything is correct with inline scales, manifest software, and automated inserting and labeling.

Don't Let Throughput Go Down

When your picking and retrieval are optimized through automation, you don’t want the packing and shipping to create a bottleneck and slow down your throughput rates. Automating your packaging, insertion, sealing, and labeling will create greater efficiency.

Add Value as Packages Depart

Automating your reverse logistics can optimize the return process, and customizing inserts, labeling, or packaging can add value both for you and your customers. Remember, the final steps before items leave your facility can generate significant value.

How We Can Help

Packaging & Shipping / Packout Solutions

We can help you find the right packaging & shipping / packout solutions for your business. Whether you want to enhance QA/QC, improve throughput, better facilitate item returns or add value on the way out the door, you’ll see an excellent return on investment.

Let us help you with packing & shipping.

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