Retain All Your Existing Equipment or Implement Additional Automation Solutions to Increase Profitability

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current set up or maximize profitability with automation enhancements, our distribution center design and layout services have what you need. Through comprehensive analyses that include design and time studies, we can enhance productivity with your existing space and equipment.

Our thorough analyses of your operations look at each step of every process, and include design and time studies to identify all bottlenecks and inefficiencies. After the analyses are complete, we create comprehensive blueprints that diagram layout, equipment, and software solutions that will increase both productivity and profitability, using only your existing set up or by adding new material handling equipment and software. It’s your choice; either way, you’ll see an impressive return on investment. 

Large distribution center overhead view

The IndPro team increased our distribution center throughput by double digits last year with simple automation adjustments that our old supplier overlooked.

Nancy L

CFO, St. Louis MO

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