Rather than build out, take advantage of vertical space and build up. These multi-level systems double the square footage in any given area with high ceilings. Vertical reciprocating conveyors provide easy access from floor to mezzanine level for safe transport of product.

Mezzanine warehouse platform storage system

Get the Space You Need

Find a Simple Solution

Building out when you’re out of space can be a headache. From blueprints to permit inspections, all the construction, HVAC, and electrical work take considerable amounts of time and money. Mezzanine installation is markedly simpler and less expensive.

Gain Additional Space

Adding a mezzanine level to your facility translates into virtually doubling the square footage of that area. What’s more, mezzanines can create office or supervisory space if desired, complete with doors, windows, and air conditioning.

Safe Access to Inventory

When you use a vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) with a mezzanine, you’re basically adding a convenient and efficient freight elevator to ensure easy access to inventory, provide safety for personnel, and reduce dependency on forklifts.

Mezzanine platform integrated with conveyor system
mezzanine platform storage system

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