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Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Add Speed and Accuracy To Your Order Fulfillment Process

Automation has transformed every aspect of the manufacturing, shipping and order fulfillment industries and product storage and retrieval is no exception. The growth of e-commerce has brought about new improvements and innovations that no one could have imagined just a decade ago, and now it’s realistic for any warehousing operation to consider adding an automated storage/retrieval system to its facility.

AS/RS systems can help to store, buffer (which means hold product in a staging area until a shipment is required) and retrieve products with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

These systems reduce labor costs for the most time-consuming part of the entire order fulfillment process by bringing product to the employee, instead of the other way around. They save space and improve ergonomics by placing product in the optimum location for employees to handle them, reducing injury risks.

Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules

High density storage and retrieval systems designed to deliver “each” items to pickers ergonomically.  These systems are extremely dense, able to improve space allocation and employee travel time. More…

Fixed-Aisle Pallet Load Storage Retrieval Systems

Fixed Aisle Storage & Retrieval Systems consist of one or more aisles framed on both sides by a high density storage rack structure. The pallet or “unit” loads are automatically stored and retrieved under computer control via a crane system. The crane system is most often a machine that consists of a floor running, vertical frame or mast that guides a hoisting carriage on which loads are handled. Insertion / extraction devices on the crane system manipulate loads into and out of the storage rack system.

Mini-Load Systems

Similar in fashion and function to unit load systems, mini load systems store totes or cartons instead of pallet loads.  The mini load systems pick and place individual light loads from storage cells within the system and delivered to output bays for either picking or stock replenishment.  Mini load systems are high throughput, high productivity picking solutions, WMS or WCS directed and completely automated.

Automated Storage Pallet Shuttle System

Challenges Solved

Brings the product to the employee

Saves employee time for higher-order tasks

Faster, more accurate order picking and processing

How IndPro Helps

There are many options available to meet your specific requirements, and the experts at IndPro will help you to navigate this decision-making process, taking the complexities of your particular operation into account. Dramatically reduce your order-picking time and get out ahead of your competition with the use of an AS/RS – we’ll show you how. 

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