Do you feel safety is an issue at your warehouse back door? Are you interested in restricting access to your building and adding a layer of safety to your warehouse?

Installing Driver and Building Access Cages may be the right solution for you.

Warehouses, distribution centers, and especially shipping docks can be dangerous places, especially for people who aren’t familiar with your operation.

Delivery drivers and visitors who use the back door pose a potential insurance liability.

Whether a visitor is looking for somebody to sign paperwork, or simply looking for the restroom, they can’t be allowed to walk freely around the factory floor.  This puts them at risk of walking into active forklift traffic or automated machinery work cells.

Key Driver Cage Configuration & Features

Driver Access Cages, or Man Traps, are typically constructed as three sided cages that adjoin to an outside wall with an entry door. Constructed of heavy 10 gauge wire woven into a 2″ x 1″ rectangular mesh, these secured entry cages are strong and last. The wire mesh panels are built in one foot increments, so virtually any size cage can be configured to your needs.

Driver cages are typically furnished with a service window and shelf for dropping off and signing paperwork. The locked hinged door provides secured access to the facility when opened safely by an authorized worker. The door can also be equipped with a push bar on the factory floor side to allow employees to leave or for quick exits during an emergency. On the inside of the cage, the door is equipped with a simple key lock. Building visitors do not have a key, so this standard key lock keeps drivers confined to the secure enclosed area.

  • Full width push bar for exit from warehouse side.
  • Service window with shelf for paperwork pass through.
  • Coded push button entry lock available
  • Remote controlled electric latch release available.
  • Wall and ceiling panels constructed of 10 gauge wire, 2″ x 1″ rectangular opening.
  • Steel support posts 2″ square.
  • Posts have welded on base plate for lagging to the floor.
  • Posts are set no more than ten feet apart.
  • Walls have minimum 1-1/2″ horizontal reinforcement at least every 60 inches.

Be proactive with warehouse safety.

Installing building access cages delivers you the peace of mind to focus on your business.  We can help get you started with a safety inspection within our service area or simply let us know how many doors you need to protect and we’ll do the rest!

For more information on secured cages for your doors, please contact us or call 612-716-1789, we’d be happy to get you what you need to ensure safe access to your facility.