Boom in E-commerce Leads to Massive Expansion

Our client is a retail chain devoted to quality western and work gear.  Their company operates over 200 stores in 33 US states.  Store support and distribution centers are based in California and Kansas.

They decided to expand their Wichita KS facility by 45,000 square feet to accommodate a boom in e-commerce growth.  This amounted to a 50% square foot expansion, yet the company wanted to double the unit storage capacity to support an ever growing goods-to-person process.

Thorough efficient analysis and consultative approach, together with our client we designed a massive 3-tiered mezzanine order fulfillment system with inventory picking on each level.  The optimized system achieved 150% increase in storage capacity.

Any time you utilize the full height of your facility for storage, fall hazards become prevalent.  Safety always in the forefront, we turned to our trusted partners at WireCrafters’ to eliminate eminent fall hazards.

Fall Hazard Prevented with Wire Mesh Guard Solution

Pallet rack and shelving systems to hold inventory were aligned to the edge of the mezzanine to maximize space utility.  The immediate concern was to prevent the fall hazard of product or supplies dropping off the edges from any level on the system injuring workers or damaging equipment.

To address this problem, their entire 40,000 square foot mezzanine system was completely wrapped with WireCrafters’ RackBack wire mesh guard panels.  The steel mesh panels bolted directly to the back of the existing system creating a sturdy barrier between stored items and the ground below.  This provided a safety guard for pedestrians  and for their pick-rack supported mezzanine.

“We connected our client with WireCrafters’ products because we have a long history and very successful partnership,” says Mark Juelich, IndPro CEO.  “WireCrafters’ quality is second to none and we can always count on them for fast and solid support for our clients.”