Robot Pick Systems

Meet high demand without sacrificing precision or quality with intelligent picking robotics.

We leverage our extensive knowledge and experience in automating warehouses and distribution centers with our comprehensive capabilities in robotic automation to solve your picking challenges.

Optimize Picking with Robotic Arms
Fanuc Piece-Picking Robotics Technology
Pick Orders Faster with AMRs & AGVs
Warehouse Robotics Market Exceeds $51 Billion by 2030
Reach New Heights with Telescopic Lift ACRs
HAI Telescopic Autonomous Case Handling Robot System - ACR System
Expand Storage Flexibility with Multi-Layer ACRs
HAI Multi-Layer Autonomous Case Handling Robot System - ACR System
Our Approach

Faster, More Accurate Picks

In today’s fast-paced production environments, picking and packing operations demand a lot from human operators, including uninterrupted speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, accuracy and dexterity. Whether robots are picking and packing primary or secondary products, they can complete these tasks consistently at high speed without the need for breaks.

Turnkey Picking Solutions

From data and systems consultation, to optimized system design, all the way to complete turnkey systems and robotics integration. We carefully analyze your operations to determine how we can help you achieve the perfect solution.

Fanuc Picking Robot for E-Commerce and Distribution Centers
Our Process

What Sets Us Apart? We Work With You

Our team comes along side yours, working together to provide solutions that are exactly what you need.  As your trusted advisor, we leverage your business knowledge with our experience and expertise to improve efficiency in your warehouse and distribution center operations.

Tailored To Achieve Your Goals

From design to implementation, we use our Proven Process to build a holistic plan for improving operations. We provide best-in-class supply chain solutions – simple to complex – tailored to meet your budget, adhere to your timeline, and most importantly, to achieve your goals.


Fanuc Piece-Picking Robotics Technology

Pick Robot Applications

  • Robotic Arm Picking
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
  • Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Robotic Bin Picking
  • Order Picking Robots
  • Case Picking and Packing
  • Piece-Picking Robots
  • Assisted Picking Cobots
  • Autonomous Picking Arms
  • Goods-to-Person
  • Tote-to-Person
AGV Robots efficiently sorting hundreds of parcels per hour. Automated Guide Vehicles for Warehouse Operations.

Productivity that’s 2X-3X faster!


Pick and place millions of SKUs.


Move up to 1,200 units per hour.


Autonomously fills orders 24/7 with AI accuracy.

IndPro integrates custom robotic solutions that transforms and improves overall operation efficiency, reduced labor costs, and optimized storage density.

Let us help you find the right robotic picking solution.

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Fanuc Piece-Picking Robotics Technology