Robotic Arm Palletizers

Perfecting the science of palletizing.

Our team leans into your data and our proprietary processes, tools, and algorithms to design and deliver smart palletizing automation for fast-paced, high-volume fulfillment centers.

Achieve High-Speed Palletizing
Fanuc Palletizing Robot Arm Series M-410
Versatile Reach with Rotating Arms Palletizer
Fanuc Palletizing Robot Arm Series M-1000iA
Extra Heavy-Duty Lifting Palletizing Arm
Extra Heavy-Duty Fanuc Palletizing Robot Arm Series M-2000
Our Approach

Best-in-Class Robotic Palletizers

Whether you are depalletizing product at the front of your line or palletizing downstream, our robotic partners offer complete lines of robots designed and built to deliver high-duty performance with the fastest cycle times.

Perfecting Custom Palletizing Solutions

Our experts will help you select the right robot based upon the following factors: payload, reach, duty, cycle time and floor space. We evaluate all areas of your operation including the weight of your end of arm tool, dressout, and product when selecting the desired payload range.

Our integration experts will help you find the right robot for palletizing full layers or individual boxes, bags, pails or drums – perfectly suited for your application.

Fanuc Palletizing Robotics Technology
Our Process

What Sets Us Apart? We Work With You

Our team comes along side yours, working together to provide solutions that are exactly what you need.  As your trusted advisor, we leverage your business knowledge with our experience and expertise to improve efficiency in your warehouse and distribution center operations.

Tailored To Achieve Your Goals

We have spent years refining our Proven Process to streamline the entire project lifecycle from design to assembly, software, installation, and implementation.

We’re dedicated to delivering outstanding results, and we always go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our work.

Fanuc Palletizing Robotics Technology

Robotic Systems Applications

  • Robotic Palletizing Arms
  • Cobot Palletizers
  • Automated Pallet Movers
  • Robotic Pallet Transporters
  • Mobile Pallet Stackers
  • Pail & Drum Palletizers
  • Case Palletizers
  • Roll Palletizing
  • Depalletizing/Decasing
  • Mixed Product Palletizing
Fanuc Palletizing Robotics Technology

World class palletizing.


Rates from 8 to 30 cases/min.


Handles loads up to 2,200 lbs.


Handles multiple infeeds of different SKUs on the same line.

When you’re ready to automate, count on IndPro for streamlined palletizing systems, packaging operations expertise, and collaborative partnership for success!

Let us help you find the right robotic palletizing solution.

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Fanuc Palletizing Robotics Technology