Today, more than ever, we need to maximize our labor utilization. 

Quality labor is harder and harder to find with the market becoming more competitive than ever before.  Not too many years ago, the easiest and cheapest way to increase throughput was to add labor resources.  That is no longer the case; quality workers, training times, the explosive growth of ecommerce distribution centers and a number of other factors have seriously impacted the way we must look at growth.

Automation is the Answer

Automation, once frowned upon due to high initial investment cost and poor ROI, is now seeing a resurgence as the answer to the labor problem.  Technology has increased as such that most automated systems are well within the reach of a typical distribution center with lower start up costs and realistic returns.

Capable of Quadrupling Through-Put

We are seeing automated systems capable of quadrupling through-put while actually decreasing the labor requirement.  Automated systems don’t sleep, take breaks, chat with co-workers, call in sick, go to the bathroom, etc.  Most automated systems can operate 24 hrs/day with little to no human interaction.  This phenomenon has completely flipped the ROI equation, changing what once was unthinkable into reality.

Face of Distribution is Shifting

From automated storage and retrieval systems to robotics to fully automated “lights out” warehouse facilities, the face of distribution is shifting.  We are now able to focus on our best employees, reallocate labor resources to more critical areas of the business, gain through-put and add to the bottom line through technologies never before contemplated.  This in turn drives more and better technologies to surface.

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