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Conveyor Systems

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Time is money, which is why it’s so important to make sure that your facility is running as efficiently as possible. 

The right conveyor systems can make a world of difference, and the professionals at IndPro help you set up the perfect system to turn your facility into a well-oiled machine. Here are just a few of the types of conveyor systems that we offer:

Transportation Conveyor

Transportation conveyors add speed and efficiency to warehouse operations through automated product movement. There are many different types of transportation conveyors to choose from, including high-speed, low-speed, heavy-duty, rollers, belts, drag chains, power and gravity conveyors. 

Accumulation Conveyor

Accumulation conveyors will help ensure that goods aren’t damaged in the transportation process. They create zones where products safely accumulate as they await transfer to the next stage. The conveyor handles them gently to prevent breakage, allowing them to touch slightly or not at all, depending on whether you’re using a minimum- or a zero-pressure conveyor. 

Sortation Conveyor

Sorting conveyors quickly and easily send different products to appropriate lines. If you have a complex or high-volume warehousing operation, such as an e-commerce facility, you need a flexible sortation conveyor system that can quickly and accurately get your product where it needs to go. Sortation systems like pushers, wheels or slide shoes make this a reality.

Pallet Handling Conveyor

Shipping warehouses must be well-equipped to safely and efficiently handle pallets of any type and shape, whether they are classic wooden pallets or newer steel or plastic versions. Tough, durable pallet handling conveyors offer a custom-built solution to transport large, heavy pallets.

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Adds speed and efficiency

Sensors create safe handling of products 

Convey products of any weight, shape or size

How IndPro Helps

There are many options available to meet your specific requirements, and the experts at IndPro will help you to navigate this decision-making process, taking the complexities of your particular operation into account. Dramatically reduce inefficiencies and get out ahead of your competition – we’ll show you how.

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