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Industrial Carousels and VLMs

Space-Saving Automation

When we think about warehouse automation, we tend to two-dimensionally, envisioning conveyor systems moving packages along a flat surface. But by taking automation into three dimensions, we can unlock even greater potential to save time and energy.

The use of industrial carousels essentially brings an element of automation to your storage facilities. Instead of sitting on static shelves waiting to be retrieved by a forklift, your product can come to you. 

Industrial carousel systems typically consist of enclosed shelves that can be rotated on a loop. This maximizes the use of warehouse space by creating a high-density storage system where products are easily retrievable through automation.

Vertical Carousels

Industrial vertical carousels are completely enclosed motorized storage systems with rotating shelves. Vertical carousels are ideal designed to store and manage small parts. Carousels are one of the fastest, most efficient technologies available for picking, packing and order fulfillment. High-density storage system save space and increase productivity by bringing parts and components to the order picker. Carousels enhance product storage density, security, and picking throughput. With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to the order picker at an ergonomically waist-high position. The vertical carousels’ efficient storage system minimizes bending, reaching and lifting by employees when picking parts. This design features decrease the likelihood of an on-the-job injury and increase picking efficiency.

Horizontal Carousels

Horizontal carousels are a series of stacked bins mounted to an oval shaped track that rotates to bring the required item to the order picker. Horizontal carousels are particularly popular in warehouse, e-commerce and distribution centers.  Computerized controls are integrated into the carousel system allowing you to perform a wide range of activities from simple transactions to full inventory control while eliminating unproductive travel and search time. They are designed for high speed order picking and parts delivery. These rotating horizontally bins deliver stored items to an order picker saving space, reducing labor costs, increase speed throughput and improving order accuracy.

Vertical Lift Modules

Vertical lift module (VLM) is an enclosed storage system that consists of two columns of trays with an inserter/extractor that travels up and down in the center of the unit. With a push of a button the inserter/extractor automatically locates the stored tray and retrieves the tray from either the front or back of the unit and delivers it to the operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window. They are designed to deliver the stored items to the operator and eliminate walk and search time which can increase productivity up to 2/3. VLM’s come in a variety of heights and widths to meet your specific application. Utilizing the floor to ceiling height and storing trays in height optimized positions allows the VLM to save up to 85% floor space when compared to standard shelving. VLM’s can optimize your storage cube to provide maximum storage capacity in a small footprint. 

How IndPro Helps

IndPro’s material handling and storage consultants have designed and installed industrial carousel systems for all sorts of applications, and we can help you choose a system to help you reach your goals. 

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