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Pallet Rack Solutions

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When it comes down to it, your storage system is the heart of your warehousing operation. It’s crucial you use the most trusted, reliable, safe storage solution you can find!  The team of materials handling experts at IndPro help you choose and design the right system to meet your needs and fit your space.

Selective Pallet Rack

The simplest and most recognized style of pallet rack is selective rack.  Selective rack is typically only one or two pallets deep and can be many positions high.  This style is the least dense of pallet rack storage solutions but is also the most accessible or “selective”.

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Rack

Drive-In/Drive-Thru is a very dense, economical pallet storage solution that utilizes lanes and horizontal rails to store units.  Each lane is only accessible from the ends and even though the system is almost as dense as floor stack, it is almost as inaccessible.  Storing pallet loads wtih high SKUs and long shelf times work best with this product.

Gravity Flow Rack

A step up from Drive-In in accessibility without a great deal of density loss, gravity flow utilizes horizontal flow lanes to store pallet loads.  Each lane is independent, can be a dozen units deep and each level can be accessed without the need to move pallet loads on other levels.

Pushback Rack

Push back pallet rack operates through a series of nesting carts fed forward by gravity on structural steel rails. When unloading a pallet for the push back system, the front pallet is removed and the rear pallets automatically come forward.  This storage rack style can be up to five or six pallets deep, is quite dense and very accessible. 

Very Narrow Aisle VNA Rack

VNA systems operate through the use of selective rack laid out in 5’ to 6’ aisles instead of the typical 10’ to 15’ aisles.  Speciality forklifts running on wire guidance access the pallet loads down each narrow aisle.

Deep Channel Rack

Deep channel systems can be in excess of fifty pallet loads deep and operate through lift shuttles that drive down each lane, moving loads toward the front or back of the system for storage or accessibility.  This semi-automated system is very dense, moderately inexpensive and can be utilized in lights out warehouses.

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There are many options available to meet your specific requirements, and the experts at IndPro will help you to navigate this decision-making process, taking the complexities of your particular operation into account. Dramatically reduce inefficiencies and get out ahead of your competition – we’ll show you how.

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