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Picking Solutions

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Online shoppers are used to receiving orders just days, or even hours, after selecting their product and checking out. In this competitive environment, it’s more important than ever for fulfillment centers to have the fastest, most accurate picking system possible. 

Fortunately for warehouse-based businesses, there are multiple types of picking solutions available – and ever-evolving technologies create systems are easy to implement and train your team on.


The pick-to-light system creates a fast, smooth order fulfillment process eliminating the need for a paper list. It’s a great solution for facilities with a large number of different products. Staff members simply scan their bar code, and totes containing the product they need will light up. They your team members pick the items and turn off the light to complete the process.


Pick-to-vision systems utilize augmented reality through special glasses that eliminate the need for a separate scanner, creating a hands-free experience for staff. 


The pick-to-voice method speeds up existing processes by allowing staff to use a headset with a microphone to listen to voice instructions, allowing one employee to accomplish much more on his or her own.  

Put Wall

A put wall is a paperless, scalable, modular solution with a simple design that features a series of bins. Staff are cued by lights to put certain products in certain bins – staff on the other side of the bins are notified of their order’s completion by a different light. It’s a highly efficient, accurate and productive system.

Pick to Light Carton Flow

Challenges Solved

Green solution – eliminates paper lists

Provides hands-free alternatives

Visual and voice cues speed up production

How IndPro Helps

There are many options available to meet your specific requirements, and the experts at IndPro will help you to navigate this decision-making process, taking the complexities of your particular operation into account. Dramatically reduce inefficiencies and get out ahead of your competition – we’ll show you how.

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