Maximize your warehouse efficiency, save space, and boost ROI with cutting-edge Autonomous Case-Handling Robot (ACR) systems.

Autonomous case-handling robots (ACR) are a specific type of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that specializes in the handling of, you guessed it, cases. While AMRs are versatile and handle the storage and retrieval of many different types of goods throughout a warehouse or distribution center, ACRs are specifically designed to move cases, bins, totes and cartons of various sizes – even in mixed-storage scenarios. Basically, anytime you want to store or retrieve quantities less than a whole pallet, ACRs are a go-to solution.

As with other types of robotic picking solutions, ACRs employ AI and machine learning to optimize storage and retrieval routes that create efficiencies and save space and time. In addition, ACRs reduce picking errors and require little oversight by workers.


ACR Systems: Revolutionizing Goods-to-Person Efficiency

Higher Pick Rates with Huge SKUs

In e-commerce and retail industries, the vast and constantly changing inventory makes piece-picking in warehouses a challenging and labor-intensive task. However, Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACRs) that transport totes and cartons instead of entire racks excel at order fulfillment in these environments.

By optimizing picking routes to minimize travel time and implementing structured picking processes, ACR systems significantly enhance order fulfillment efficiency. This leads to reduced human intervention and a substantial decrease in errors, resulting in faster, more reliable operations.

Greater, More Efficient Space Utilization

In most warehouses and distribution centers, space is at a premium. Any additional square footage gained is quickly used for purposes such as manufacturing, processing or shipping.

Usually, additional square footage can only be gained by purchasing or leasing real estate. But acquiring real estate comes at a substantial expense, and often is accompanied by permitting and second-site management issues. Of course, no one wants those headaches.

But you may not have realized how ACRs can free up a facility’s square footage. ACRs can pick and store inventory up to a height of 30 feet, meaning much more warehouse space is used (and without the added expense of mezzanine construction). And ACRs also mean greater storage density, as narrow ACR chassis create aisle widths that are narrower than the typical aisle width.

What’s more, these efficient storage towers encourage ergonomics and safety: The process of picking and storing with shelving and/or racking can be physically tiring and at times dangerous for employees, as a human-to-goods system involves climbing ladders, bending and reaching for that carton that’s just a little bit further away from the ladder …

You get the picture.

Workplace injuries are expensive, and can lead to higher workers’ compensation rates and lawsuits. Goods-to-Person ACRs eliminate most of these issues.

Flexible and Fast Deployment

Thanks to their incredible flexibility, ACR systems keep your business nimble in today’s fast-paced market.

These systems can scale up at any moment, seamlessly adapting to your business’s growth without being held back by the physical constraints of your warehouse. Imagine boosting your warehouse throughput dramatically just by adding more ACRs or high-speed workstations—no need for costly and time-consuming facility refits.

Unlike traditional AMR warehouse solutions that bog you down with months of planning and a year-long implementation, ACR systems are up and running in just a few weeks, causing minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

As e-commerce continues to skyrocket globally, the need for top-tier warehousing solutions has never been greater. Businesses today crave flexibility, scalability, precision, and efficiency—qualities that ACR systems deliver effortlessly.

In this era of rapid change, ACR systems are the perfect fit for businesses looking to stay ahead in an ever-changing market.

Scalability + Incredible ROI

ACR systems are your secret weapon for flexibility and scalability, offering a rapid and impressive ROI as your operation adapts to market growth.

Imagine deploying these robots in weeks, not months, seamlessly integrating them into your current setup. This means you can supercharge your workflows and achieve near-instant operational optimization—no costly retrofitting or significant downtime required. It’s a game-changer for taking your efficiency to the next level, fast.

Your Next Step

All in all, Autonomous Case-Handling Robot (ACR) systems are efficiency bulwarks that lead to optimized workflows, fewer material handling errors, greater space utilization and substantial return on investment – while simultaneously providing the flexibility and scalability you need in today’s ever-changing environment.

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