Boot Barn E-Commerce Order Fulfillment Center Redesign

  • 40% increase in fulfillment center productivity
  • Doubled footwear pick rate
  • Overall 30% increase in throughput
  • Increased storage capacities over 150%
  • Reduced order turnaround time from 8 hours down to 6 hours

With nearly 300 retail locations nationwide and growing, Boot Barn is the nation’s largest retailer of quality western and work gear.

Rapid growth at their e-commerce fulfillment center in Wichita, Kansas inspired the need for more space and faster and more efficient throughput, especially as they were anticipating even greater demand around the holidays. They added a sizable extension on their Wichita facility which increased the overall square footage by 50%.

Boot Barn’s new space was optimized with a newly designed, organized, intelligent storage solution. IndPro designed and implemented a custom warehouse automation solution. Our team integrated a 3-tier pick module that introduced pick and pass technology and a consolidation to tote process.

We were instrumental in the implementation and integration of a brand-new Warehouse Control System (WCS). WCS is a software application for orchestrating activity flow within a warehouse or distribution center. The WCS coordinates material handling sub-systems such as conveyor belts, carousels, scales and sorters.

Ultimately, this project solution led to a 40% increase in productivity for the fulfillment center, including doubling the footwear pick rate, and an overall 30% increase in throughput.

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